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Part 1 Despair chapter 4

I and my assistance getting a chance to take situation are in own hand because Firoz was sitting on his knees his hand on his head he starts nailing on his head. Then I open the shackles my assistance took the place. When Firoz gets normal there was nobody and all the bodyguards were lying on the floor. After some time, few men were coming, he said in very the loud volume where they are? "Catch him immediately." "Yes, sir." They replied to him. I said where we are...., Sir we are in Firoz Khan's brain... Sir, we have to wait here... We have to catch him and stuck him in his own brain to make him confused. Sir, we have no plans, we have less time left. Common we have to think.... Give him a hallucination. Okay, you have to make one trick this trick should base on to have to change the locations, then we get enough time to make new embarkations here we got everything. How much time is left..., my assistance gives me a one sign I give nods to him okay. Sir if we have peeps then we will get him... Peeps mean I saw one thing in Station, the last coach is burning from fire, and see one thing. "Sir what..., 'let us start...?' we have to do; where the toilets are? “Sir this is not the situation for this thing you have to control until we will reach on their success...." "Shut up."- I said. "But sir..." Loy replied. 'Optical illusions we have to create optical cal illusion, gives him hallucination, the first stage of hallucination. Come with me...?' I said to him. "Okay, sir." They replied to me. I say come here..., there is washroom. Sir, we have not enough time... Look at where they are coming with full of assaults. Loy said- come Ali makes trouble in their mind. I said look on him we have only lacking with time, quickly. I snatched the gun from one man who is coming to killing us..., and then me and Loy we are standing near the washroom and Ali is standing a little far away from us. We take the assaults like knife and gun from the man and it makes the sound in the coach. I gave the instructions to Loy because washroom was made on the between of two coaches of the train and we easily get time to hide oneself. All the passengers of the train were sleeping but it looks strange because they were not responding towards the sound of having a combat situation. We are fighting off some people they are attacking us I gave the instruction to the Loy just divide the train. But repeatedly he was failed due to the continuous attack of terrorists, he need help... Ali was busy in the second coach to stop all the terrorists; He has with two pistols in his hand. Suddenly one bullet hit his shoulder he falls on the floor and his eyes were closing slowly-slowly. "I shouted..." Ali.... and Loy, who is sitting and trying to dividing the train he sees him falling on the floor. I say run towards him and give him back up support or reinforcement. He nudges his head and started doing the cover to Ali... Then, I tinkle some things...., I see My wrist and I hit one terrorist then I sprinting towards the Ali and I said to Loy take your positions and gave me cover fire. I fired on the head of one man he fell down on the floor... I again looked at the Loy and I said – ‘Come near to me.’ And Loy said they are coming with the caravan and I give the reply "We are the legions of them...." we have to surrender. Then Loy said - "Why sir we are capable of winning this situation." After listening to the legion word he got little confidence. I said ‘look at him...' Loy said- ‘this was not our plan.’ According to plan, we have to make save all the lives and you seeing Ali is wounded here, if we taking the wrong decision. He will go in…. ... But..., I am the boss here......, let us make them surrender. "Okay, Sir...."-Loy said this. I again said -Please listen to me we are surrendering....; Okay, they replied to me first ‘give your assaults.' Okay raised your hand. I and Loy both were raised his hands. He gives the signs to his people. They come gradually with full alert Ali was lying on the ground. There are in the position of having any kind of misfortunes and hope... I give eye contact to Loy...; he folds his lips it's mean he is ready, I jumped on the hand of the man and get over on him then I fold his right hand from the back. He was in pain because his hand was totally grabbed in my fingers. I snatched his gun. Loy says this for you; if you come near, we will kill him. Opponent's leader notched his man's head and red huge come on my face. He said- "Hi you lost your last chance," 'your defeatist people....' I replied- “we will never surrender in front of you and your majesty.' He said- "it means you have to die Mr Defeatist and your team also (he laugh). Then he gives signals to his team 'Kill them....' his voice gets changed. Then I grinned, hmm! They all are seeing me very harshly manner and I said, Hi Mac! Your name is Mac..., I'm right...? Better luck next time... Look at your wrist...? Bye bye...! Loy was saying that we are not going in next level we have to stop this..., “if we stop so we will lose”- I replied to him and there is the biggest punishment was that in the world. Sleeper coach of the train was shivering, all the chairs and sleeper charts were started shivering. In moments, all the passengers were lying on the air. Most of our sleeping and busy with their own works. Mr. your time is over and we ran away from next levels. He is still watching his watch... The whole view was shifted. Loy said to me- 'Sir it's a silence here.' I said its mean some things are wrong here, we have been to find him and catch him immediately and that time we never did any mistakes. Okay, Ali that is you only..., you have to be careful that time. Be alert and doesn't make any kind of trouble give the optical illusion okay, you will go along with me. We have to be more careful..., it’s much more dangerous from the last one okay. You must control their emotions. Its advice for both of you doesn't think about anything. Take the optical lens. According to plan, I will go to stop his men and Loy you have to divide the train. This is the third coach and he is in the first coach. Loy said-" how you know this...?" I replied -"I know better what he is thinking and he knows what I am thinking..." It means let's play with the mind we have not enough time to survive here. "Okay..."- Loy was understanding. I say just follow me... Ali, you have to control the engine get more closely to the engine and control it. 'Are you ready?' 'Yes, sir they replied. Then I speak, and I nod my head 'be alert and careful. 'Open the door.' 'Ali said Look at their sir...? " 'The last coaches are burning....' 'I know....' "All the things you understood...," That is the way we have to divide the train into two parts...? Ali said this Loy sayings its means all assaulted and fire both are coming toward us? So for whom we are waiting for us "let's divide the train...?" "No...." we have to stop his men... "And what about fire...?" Ali remembered one thing there are big differences in memories and idea. Human Always need a path to fulfil their dreams and ideas but memories don't need anything. Memories are out of control thoughts of the brain. If they nailed in your brain it's mean they will come... They don't need any permissions. If you think about those memories, they start nailing in your brain. Moreover, you are only hopeless. Loy helps Ali to ride from the loop of the train, okay. I said to Ali, don't see behind because the train is running a hundred feet above from the sea level. Okay, sir..., when Ali is getting himself on the roof of the train. I said that - 'Ali..., you have any fear?' "Little more from the last one...." Okay only little more it's acceptable, I'm in the mood to giving sarcasm to Ali and I am smiling on those moments. He gives me expressions for in yes..., He only nodding and his face was very much sacred. That was wryly and he is waiting for the upcoming fray. Let's complete the mission... Loy said this to us And I said -"So run it...?" Ali and I both were on the roof of the train. I said Ali you have to run from the opposite direction, in the coach, Loy was saying to us-"I will divide the train into two parts as soon as, you have not enough time to do. I again said please be in touch and gave all the information about any moments. "It's clear to both of you...?" 'Yes Sir......,' they replied. Sir, they are coming near to me.... -Loy was shouting. Ya I know..., I am coming..., and Ali everything is okay on the roof. Yes, sir, everything is okay. Then go and make mission complete.' Okay sir....' He said. Loy takes your position and is alert because the party is coming. Sir don't show your arrangers, we have to be calm and patience. I controlled ... Here I am the boss..., so don't give me any kind of comments. I know my work very well. They are fives... I shoot the first person. Bullet nailed on the midpoint of his headache. He falls on the floor then they all the four persons abusing me said-"Kill them..." moron, I nod my head said that of course undoubtedly. My gun's muzzle in front of him. Don't come near otherwise, I will shoot you... I turn my neck from the right side because I said to Boy do this as soon as possible. I will keep them busy until you will complete your work. One of them comes near to me... I pressed the trigger... When I came to know my gun is empty. Quickly I throw the fun, it hits the head of the second person. Third, a fourth and fifth person stop their places. I jumped towards the first person who was lying on the ground. I pick up one knife, which was in the pocket of person. I throw the knife toward the second person its nails on the backside, he slides on his knees and dying near to Loy. Loy was shocked to seeing suddenly this because he was busy to cutting the steal of the coach. Third, fifth and fourth assaulters attack me from the backside. They hit from the rod on my head then they start beating me so harshly by punches and rod. They are kicking me..., then someone is kicking in my chest I fall on the floor from the head, left portion my face gets totally red. Then...., they catch me from shoulder and pull from the upper side to stand me straight. Then one big punch hits on my nose. After few seconds, the third one... punch me on my jaws, I am on my knees my mouth is open my head is down red slobber is distilling from my mouth, I was another side of a train near to the right door. Then the fourth person who is standing on my left side, then he jabbed me on my left chin from his elbow. I fell down on the floor, but my heads come out from the train I see behind from the train, one big building cross beneath the train. One of saying goes there for stopping the Loy.... and for killing him. From my red eyes, I saw the train will crash in few seconds from on building. They pull me on the train; I am on my knees. Where in the world..., I got power, I snatched one Knife from his feet and poked it in his thigh... He's screaming and fell down on one side is both hands are in the wounded area. Third and fifth assaulter's.' Who looks little Mongoloid also?' They were arguing in Chinese languages which I can't understand. After a few seconds they come near to me..., I am taking a deep breath and trying to understanding what the conversation having these guys. One of them is saying kill them, or another one is saying that we have to catch him alive. "Don't forget that the boss wants to know something. Then in frustration..., the fifth man pulled his gun pointed to my head. He said-" Any death wish...?" I say 'yes I have...? Tell us "We were trying to complete this...?" "Ya! Off course, 'why not...?' I snatched the gun from his hand and I pulled him towards the door and push him throughout the door. I can hear his screaming... The fourth man was seeing me surprisingly I smiled and said thank you so much for completing my death wish, "Goodbye my friend..., may God bless you..." I shout him bullet nailed on his sconce and he died on the spot when I said better luck next time..., and I killed the wounded man also...? I said to Loy all is clear... Then He said all is clear, Sir... "But here is one problem...?" 'Now, what problem is occurring...?' 'We can't divide the train." "Why...?" 'We can't divide the train...?' “Are you kidding….?” Sir this train is attaching with heavy metal..., and one more problem is there...; All the coaches attached with each other with the chain we cannot break it if doing separate them so the train will stop and clashes with the ground. Loy if we blast the train so what happens...? And if you blast middle from the coach then...? Loy got little tense he stops a moment..., then he says in very much whispered tone, “maybe train derailed from the track….” That is not our problem, we know the train will derail... but the problem is that we only have few mini-seconds for coming back from the last coach. Loy do this..., we have not enough time in few seconds train may clash with one..., big building. I saw this on the roof.......