After successfully completing the pre-order campaign, the Author is required to submit the following material to in order to proceed:

  • complete manuscript (electronic: *.pdf and *.doc formats )
  • Author’s profile
  • testimonials and blurbs
  • photographs, images, illustrations (if any)
  • other project related inputs

Abiding by the contract and copyright clauses is respectful and goes a mile, for both financial and mutual growth. We understand and respect the documentation.

We promise for a smooth venture and hope the same in return.

  • contract will be shared soon after the confirmation of the pre-orders
  • once the contract is duly signed by the respective parties, all will abide by the document

Editing services will be provided on the basis of the state and quality of the manuscript. For most manuscripts, we will be doing proof-reading and copy-editing and only a select few will go through developmental editing.

stage 1: Proof-reading and Copy-editing (1-3 weeks): The aim of copyediting is to ensure that whatever appears in public is accurate, easy to follow, fit for purpose and free of error, omission, inconsistency and repetition. This process picks up embarrassing mistakes, ambiguities and anomalies, and analyses the document structure for the typesetter/designer.

stage 2: Developmental editing (4-6 weeks): The editor will make required corrections if your manuscript has contradictions, logical issues, plot-holes, limited or inconsistent characterization, factual errors or any other syntactical problems. The editor will also ensure that the language is flowy, error-free and will check whether chapters are to be re-arranged or not.


Cover: The cover is the face-value of the book and also a reflection of the content - both impression and expression. Cover carries great importance as it should primarily to attract the reader to pick-up the book.

  • keeping this in mind, our design team creates attractive covers, that reflects the essence of the content inside.
  • with respect to the theme and genre of the book, we use complimentary imagery, fonts, colours, layout, and format.
  • this stage is vital and hence requires a must exchange of thoughts and ideas between the author and the designer.

Book layout and design: Good layout of the book ensures comfortable reading important aspects. This output is relative to the correct usage of font size, spacing, margins, footnotes, endnotes, page numbering, and more. To achieve a good read, our design team will ensure that:

  • the layout is crisp and legible according to the targeted age group
  • the layout is customised in accordance with the content of the book
  • proper prominence is given to the chapter heads and highlighted text

We know that sales are marked by its distribution. With our vast and competitive distribution network, we assure that:

  • the book will be made available in over 100 cities in India with all major metros through more than 2000 channel partners, as per the demand of the book
  • the remainders will be stored and handled by us
  • we will be doing order servicing of your books for a minimum of 2 years directly and for additional 3 years indirectly through our partners

*what is Sales or Returns (SOR) basis? The retail stores work on SOR basis. They stock books only for a limited time. They make the payments only for the sold copies. The remaining copies are returned. The respective returns and payments are done at the end of the credit period (90-120 days from the month of billing).

Our Distribution Partners include:
Distribution Patner

Research, aggression and intent in marketing strategy has a big role to play for the shelf-life of the book. For increased sales, it is of high importance to understand the targeted reader, his/her economic potential, demographic details, cultural aspects, and more. Our marketing team facilitates such a targeted strategy. A few promotional initiatives include:

  • personalise bookmarks
  • mass e-mails to database for awareness and promotions
  • reach-out for reviews
  • extensive social media marketing to increase your fan base; keep the buzz around your book running

With the developing trends in the industry, Author’s participate in promoting their own books. The enticing ideas include:

  • author-meets at bookfairs, institutes, bookstores, and more...
  • increasing fan-base through social-media activities at his or her own end
  • frequent tweets to keep the readers involved
  • organising autographed-copy contests online
  • organising book-readings and book launches (at book fairs; bookstores)