Publishing Process

How to Publish A Book, How To Publish A Novel, How Do I Publish A Book, How Do You Publish A Book, How To Publish Book, How to Get Book Published, How to Publish Novel Online uses the novel concept of crowdfunding wherein if you achieve the pre-order target of 150 then we become your official publishers. By “publish” we mean that we edit, design, print, market and distribute your books. Listed below are the publishing services you will receive on successful completion of pre-order campaign.

Publishing guide:

On acceptance, we will send you a document highlighting step by step the entire process that will go towards publishing your book. We estimate a two months window between manuscript delivery and printed books. The publishing process starts only when we receive your final manuscript copy.

Editing and Designing:

We will assign you an editor and a team of designers who will look into the nitty-gritty of your book before publishing the first copy. Our expert creative team will give your manuscript the perfect polish and prepare it for publication. Design layouts and templates will be as per your preference.


Once we receive the final page count of your book, we will provide you with cover specs. We will then incorporate into it main cover and back cover designs, make necessary adjustments and then submit it for final printing. We will print it in paperback format and also convert it for eBook distribution if required.


Apart from creating an ISBN network for your book, we will also list your book alongside all other books in’s catalogue. We will not only distribute your book to major bookstores, but will also distribute your book through major retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm and such.


Being your publishers, our sole aim will be to increase sales of your book. As such our marketing team will carve out specific marketing strategies for it and work towards promoting your book through online and offline advertisements. We will use the medium of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and such for the same.