Frequently Asked Questions


What is

We are a book publisher that has readers decide which books to publish and which not. We publish any work that successfully hits the 300 pre-order target. By “publish” we mean that we edit, design, print, distribute and market your book. 

Who can use

We have all kinds of writers using our platform, such as entrepreneurs, speakers, bloggers, novelists, storytellers, artists, journalists, poets and more.

For Authors

What kind of book proposals will be accepted? will accept book proposals in English as well as Indian regional language. Proposals ranging from poetry, fiction (novels, novellas and short stories), general and narrative non-fiction, autobiographies, biographies and memoirs, current affairs, business, cookery, travel, religion, philosophy and self-help, reference and quizzing, photography and illustrated books will be accepted.

How do we work?

Our process is simple: authors pitch, readers pre-order and we publish. Any author can pitch and submit their proposal. Once the project goes live, readers support the book by pre-ordering it. Once the pre-order target of 300 is reached, the book-publishing process starts. In addition, authors are assigned an editor, a designer and all aspects of publishing right from printing, distributing and marketing are dealt with by our team.

What happens next after completion of pre-order campaign?

Once you have successfully completed the pre-order campaign, will send you an email on the next steps and processes. The mail will basically guide you on how to send manuscripts to us, connect with our editorial and design team and act as a guiding tool on the distribution and marketing processes of

Why not self-publish?

Self-publishing takes time and lots of effort. Self-publishing places the entire burden of editorial, design, production, distribution and marketing on the author. At, the entire process of publishing be it related to editing, designing, marketing or distributing will be done by us.

How do we make money?

We only make money when your book sells in the market. We give authors 30% of net sales (net of allowances and discounts) on physical books and 50% on ebooks. Net sales will be calculated on the basis of the amount we get from our retailers and distributors. 

How does distribute and market their books?

We have partnership with the major book distributors in India like IBH, UBSPD and IBD and have Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Crosswords, Landmark and many others as our retailers. In terms of marketing, the platform of social media and email will be used to reach to our esteemed readers, apart from pitching reviews, features and interviews to traditional and online media outlets.

How does handle rights?

At, authors have the copyright and we have a exclusive right to distribute the work in print and digital. You can read more about this in our publishing terms.

How is this different than Kickstarter or Wishberry?

Sites like Kickstarter or Wishberry provide stand-alone crowd-funding platforms without publishing support. Once an author raises funds on these sites they have to figure out production, distribution, and marketing on their own. With, authors can focus on their writing while we handle the logistics of producing, distributing, and marketing your work.

For Readers

Why should I pre-order a book?

When you pre-order a book, you receive the book that includes a thank you inside the book and your name will be acknowledged as a crowd-funder in the book.

What happens to the money raised if the book doesn’t hit the goal?

You will be immediately refunded if the book does not hit its pre-order target.

When will I receive the book?

The time taking to prepare and send out the book will vary greatly from book to book. On an average you will able to receive your book within 45 days after the campaign has ended.

Who is responsible for completing the book & delivering the rewards? is obligated to fulfill and deliver books on time at your designated address.

What if I don’t receive anything?

If you do not receive your book, please call us or write to us and we will make sure it is taken care of.

What are the payment options at

We have multiple payment options. You can use debit/credit cards/paytm/netbanking through the payment gateway.