Crowdfunding Guide

Following is a seven-step guidebook to help novice writers get pre-orders for their books. 

  • Build your community:

    Build your own community by using our platform. Connect with like-minded people, build discussions with them, and tell people about your book- all under a single roof at Writing may be a solitary retreat but publishing is a collective effort and by building a community, you are allowing people to be a part of that collective journey.’s social reading and writing platform helps you build community with existing readers. Our readers provide feedback to fellow authors and can even pitch other readers on why they like your book.
  • Involve people:

    The best way to build healthy readership is by allowing readers to get involved in your writing journey. At, readers are given the flexibility to give inputs to writers, thereby allowing both the readers and the writer to connect and engage with each other in a healthy discussion. You can also upload personal videos to give readers more insight into your life to keep them updated about you.
  • Perfect your content:

    At you get the opportunity to perfect your content. Write a “head” idea summarizing your book idea into a shareable twitter-length statement. Create an eye-catching author biography, include images or create a video to make your content reader-engaging. Have your friends read your chapter before uploading to make it error free.
  • Share on Social Media:

    Social Media has immense power to build a strong support base. Share your ideas, news of your book and your latest projects on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Goodreads and Pinterest. Write and share unique content like photos, quotes or personal experiences to accompany your project and build more readership. However, do not spam your followers. Be steady and gentle with your updates. Your contents should be meaningful and related to your project. So, share contents you think will genuinely interest your readers and followers.
  • Send Personal emails:

    Personally send emails to your followers and supporters to keep them updated about your work and work related campaigns. Gather backers to your book so that it becomes easy to crowdfund your work.
  • Pitch Online media:

    Media can help a lot in promoting your book. Before your book launch, research sites that might be relevant for your project. Personally contact the media outlet and convince them to back your project and why your book might be relevant to their audience. But, if they show no interest in your project. Let it go gracefully and do not slam them.
  • Be creative:

    The aforementioned steps will help you get backers to your project. Apart from this, be more creative in spreading out the word. Put up billboards and distribute fliers to promote your book. Know your audience and try to engage them in many ways as possible.