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Part 1 despair Chapter 3 :

I welcome you, Mr Loy, I give you a warm welcome on my train. He bent his waist and his right hands welcoming him in his train. Oh! Ali is also here; sorry it is my mistake; I only meet with reputed persons. He laughs ha-ha! And he started moving his right hand and doing some steps of dancing. He asked with my assistants, who are two tall and smart personalities, who wore the designer black suit with formal matching shoes, their hands are in shackles and they have to give his answer in nods only because two black bouncers were standing close, the gun tip was near to their heads. The bouncers always push them to give his answers as soon as possible. 'What do you want?' Liquor and anything else, I like wine ... if you need to drink some things then you can ask me? This is my recipe for you; ‘to take it for believing….’ Waiter ...., for our respected regular heads ..., oh! This is my fault for our cheap guests. He indicates something special. A waiter said, "Okay, sir." Take it, open all the bonds, and please sit in front of me, I want to know this - where do you get this idea from being repeatedly.....' I mean you are a defeatist’s person.' Everyone laughs at it. In addition to my helpers, their heads were down "Mac?" "Yes, sir......?" 'From the word of the defeat, I remember one thing ... He asked with a loud voice, where is the third? ' "Sir, we are prospecting for him?" He is on the train. Loy said: 'Mack, do not you have to find him?' "Wait for a few seconds, he would come and push you in a dangerous situation." Someone hits the Loy with a big mega punch. Wait, he scolded his people, what are you doing? Do you have any easy way? "Sorry, sir." Listen, you are new to my work. This is the first and last warning for you. There is no need for forgiveness in my work. Beat him hard...? It should have to be more powerful than the last one. 'Okay sir,' beat him, Loy was watching with full courage, he kept on looking constantly. I continued watching the station, which changed into some unknown village buildings and places, people changed into some trees, plants, and animals; suddenly all the things were started burning. I saw that fire was also coming in the last coach of the train. People were shouting and crying, except for one child. And, one plant, "which was not totally green.” It’s is dry and pale." This was the late winter but still, this plant is green...?" It shows such as we are l losing our last hope, but are circumstances want to fight till the end. I blink my eyes and then I see everything was changed, then I see to the platform there was no platform, then I was identifying that train was not running on the ground. The train started to take off in the air. Everything started to take off in the air. The land was going more and farther away from the train. Someone says raised your hands, to know it was a chance for me. I saw that plant coming inside the train it's attached to the train. I said okay I surrendered. Take him near to the boss. I entered in coach two men were also coming with me. My head was at gunpoint and more closed to the barrel of the gun. They all are more aware of this time. My hands are on the head, I was walking slowly-slowly. I reached to him. He asked me- Do you want to something for drink, just for little changed in your mind? I clapped for you. Once again, you did a nice job for your owners. However, it is very bad news you, I defeated you once again. Now, I can say "I am good, you can clap for me?" Ah! If you want to, you can. Take your drink, Vikram. We both are strong enemies. I sure, only you make tragedy and difficulty for me; "Did you know that…?" How much it's difficult to hide your things which are so important in your life. All thought is based on the ideas "that change your world." You can laugh it's a nice joke. I said- yes, very nice, it is…. So, what you want for me? I need an answer for that which I want "an idea." It's not your deal, what you do with that idea? If I will not give you anything then what will you do? You stole hype! Please listen here...., he said that he would win in this situation. I will never give you anything, I have no idea. Let us make the changes here......? What will you do...? Suddenly everything was changed? I have three stories first one is that- suddenly he gets angry and point out to me with his fingers and said Vikram your army killed my wife and my children, you destroyed my home, and I lose everything on that combat, your idea also vanished due to your attack. And, the second one is that When Pakistani armies are encountering me. Then their bullet digs me near the liver and I fall from one peek into the depths of the Ravi near the India border. I remembered a little to think that I got a big hit on my head and my eyes are closed. "Tell me the third one" I want to know; you can't be….' He smiles and said. Sometimes it has been difficult to make suggestions like that and told everything to everyone you have to tune in my eyes I want to see something in your eyes... you know that...? He comes near to my ear and starts whispering in my ears and said- Vikram, it's a fear of someone. "You’re breathing getting fast because you know what I'm telling you." I have one question for you, when again and again. Coming in my niches, how you feel. How do you feel? You know Vikram there is a trick of resurgence. Resurgence means again and again until the end of the world it only looks better in books, novels, and myth. But in reality, it is giving you harsh truth that you are losing. I like your eyes because ... behind these eyes, we all know that we have immense stories, our beloved moments, thoughts, he sees me with his wide eyes and his hand begins to make a sign And he said that you do not want to share any of those pictures and mysteries in your whole life. It creates more trouble suddenly its tone is getting slightly more than the last one. For us........ Frequently, you start stealing these things, which gives you great peace, courage and comfort. When you were in the cloistral ... Think Vikram, think? Then he waits for a few seconds. He takes a deep breath; and said in very aggressively tone - Ash! Forget what you want from me...? 'Why do you and your companions come again and again? I am speaking in a rational way ... "What do you want me to do?" I said that - I have to save thousands of grins which come to my family, friends, and relatives. I have to save those children who are smiling and enjoying the park ride. You have to listen to those voices, listen to it, they are coming to your ears, travelling your mind, and bothering in your peaceful and peaceful kind of mind? Look, they do not panic at you, they are celebrating their good and happy days with their families. They are all ... I signed and said, get ready ... my assistants give positive approval, then my eyes change they are showing all ... you are only a mental case in the world and you are not enough Power and tactics have been once, once you say that the words of your cruel oppressors ... "do not make any difficulties in their life," about the rule of the resurrection and you again. "Please stop this thinks I am getting panic...,” My mind does not work its makes nails on my head please stop this. "Why, should we stop this, you would never be stopped to killed humanity?" Why should I...? I repeat again this why should I....., I again said this was in a very loud voice it was the answers for innocent people who were killed by your people and your army. You were doing cheating with the common people and making them terrorists. Apart from this, it was a sign for all his colleagues that whatever is to be done for us is the right time... Suddenly, when Mr Firoz Khan, the world's most wanted terrorists who were the biggest archenemy of the middle-east countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh, the Maldives, and Malaysia etc. countries. He born in Kashmir Valley..., near India, he has deep crush against with India. Because he wants to destroy India in any condition? He was hiding in the Hind-Kush Valley near Afghanistan and Tajikistan. In late 2010 Afghan army attacked him. The operation was running in very vast movement with the help of the United States. This was the second time the U.S. Army directly involved in this mission. Although he got succeeds to ran away, and take the niche on the Indo-Pakistan border. After few years Pakistani Army caught him red-handed, once again he succeeded but that time one bullet hit him near the liver. He falls down in Ravi River under the Indian Border. The Indian Army caught him in a wounded condition. His hand was broken, and he lost his one eye, also in the attack on the USA in 2006. He always told himself a Pakistani citizen.