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My granny used to say me this “the whole world is an illusion, we are living in Lord Vishnu’s consciousness.” I always have this word in my mind, when I lost my granny at a very young age, I lost everything…. But life gives you the chance, my granny died in one terrorist attack, I found one hoop near her body. I get another chance in the name of Nyara, who lost her mother at same age too Daughter of my biggest archenemy Firoz Khan, he is most wanted terrorists I have the duty to decode his tyrant's ambitions for India. He loves massacre, “fierceness is felicity…” I have less time to decode his ambitions, in one mission he identifies the hoop, for this hoop we have one deal, he wants I need to something for her daughter Nyara, he wants to protect her. I remembered the last word of my granny…. Our life is like the river, we need to flow, and we need to cross all the obstacles. Our last goal is “EMANCIPATION…. “ Emancipation gives you the way… “HOPE IS WISER…”

Who is this book for?

This book is for those who believe in the power of meditation who believes they can change their world, who wants to do something. who wants to overcome his fear. Monolog is good and it will increase your thought process. According to science we have 60,000 new thoughts daily and most are negative but If you will monologue so your thinking power will strengthen and your reaction come in an action. That's what Lord Buddha wants to teach us..... Positivity has that ability to kill the negativity. So once you read you will easily channelize your mind power and "may you will get what you are searching here........?"

Why are you writing it?

The best is always inherent in us, only we need to keep searching for it... This feeling takes me from boring to creative, from novice to notorious vision. Being a reader, the thesis awakened his mind that we play roles, we have the destination, and most importantly we have the paths. We have the options, and these are enough to make all the epics.
Our thoughts shape us, it is necessary to live in a world of fantasy, because in some ways it is real. The world needs stories that can motivate them who can correct them, who can allow them to judge. Which can motivate them to run on superiors and paths?