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Part 1 Despair Chapter 2

I was sprinting on the road because I have to chase someone ...? I have one muse in my mind. My granny told me- "Each and everything has their own identity, everything has their own reasons." I know one thing..., if I get it, so I don’t get my answers; if I don’t get it, so I can save millions of people? “What should I do…?” Our life is like rivers, the rivers also starting with one point from the inception and in their way rivers will also face struggles or speed breakers. Life is also too starts from the beginning, it also faces lots of struggles and speed breakers like stress, depression, negative energies etc. but in the last rivers get their final destination. You also have to solve this conundrum. When you will extricate this conundrum you will be reached to the emancipation. Chattarpati Shivaji Terminal Mumbai. Two men were walking on foot over bridge. I said in a huge voice, we have to catch him; if he got success, that's mean we lose everything. My teammates start sprinting; their legs were starts doing his work. They make the relationship between platforms and legs, his toes give him a little jump from the platform, their eyes were on the target and mind was very conscious about one thing, "What would happen in next…." They have to hide themselves; I give the eyes expression to my colleagues. They all get running and hiding oneself on behind the pillars. Get ready and give me cover, get ready with assaults and take your position. My assistance said that look at him he is standing on the stairs. ‘Wait a minute......' I said, do not run, only followed him. I instructed my assistants. Loy makes sure him, he was safe…, and they don't even know that we are chasing him. Only followed him, take your Bluetooth on, and give me all the information. Hype! Look at him…, Loy said sir he was standing on the second gate of the coach no. two. I said- "Okay." Keep an eye on him, calm and quiet it is my instruction to you. Loy in my work there is no need to be doubted. ‘What he is doing…...’ ‘Sir…... he was waiting for someone…...’ ‘Okay, don’t do anything, you have to wait for my instructions…...’ ‘Okay....,' Sir. "I am standing behind the pillar and Ali is also there." Keep watching him." We have to catch him red-handed. "Okay, Sir…..." Sir one person is coming nearby him, they do the handshake and giving a tight hug together. Okay, wait for some time. Near the train, they all fully dressed up, they have a deep conversation is might be on some secrets topics. When I said- "We have to know that what they are talking about…," I stopped for a moment and then I said- "get ready to have more fun?" The train blew their final vessel in the huge voice it is last vessel train gets ready to starts his journey. Once a minute, here are some misfortunes, my head was getting some wrinkled and eyes to have some doubt of having something was wrong. How it's possible…, they both are going together? All the things are changing here, I look at my watch, and I said we have only ten seconds more we have to…. I shouted on my colleagues.... start running…; Okay sir, try to catch him Loy run fast you know he is our idea. We have to catch him. Sir, the train got their higher speed; let makes us more furious… tried to be entered on the same coach? My assistants were smiled and said “yes captain” in their answer. Station was changed into some unidentified places.