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The Imperfect time of two perfect lovers

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The Imperfect time of two perfect lovers is a story of Jovin & Varushkha. Lovers who were made for each other, compatible and loved each other to the core. However, they were destined not to be together and every time a situation would arise wherein they had to sacrifice their love. Their sacrifices led to unanswered questions and 10 years later the question still remains intact.

Who is this book for?

This book is for everyone who has fallen in love atleast once.
The Imperfect time of two perfect lovers connects to those who fell in love but never expressed their feelings, it also connects to those who are waiting for the right time to express their feelings for their partner. Go ahead guys. Now is the right time.

Why are you writing it?

When one does not express their feelings many things are left unsaid. Love is the most beautiful feeling. Go ahead. Express it.