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Mumbai- July 2018 It was just a normal day for Jovin, a 30 yr old media professional . For past few years jovin's life has revolved around his work. Today too, he had planned the same. Drive to work, attend several meetings, return home, spend time with his wife Akhila. Jovin and Akhila got married in 2016 and their friends thought that they were an ideal couple. They really complimented each other very nicely. As he reached his desk, the received a call from his boss to meet him in his cubicle. The meeting was about the high costs last month and measures to be taken to lower the costs for the upcoming schedule. After a tiring day at work, as he reached home there was a power failure in his complex and it would take some time for power to be restored. Jovin was checking mails on his phone and sat down on the park bench. As he sat there a small breeze passed and reminded Jovin of Varushka, his first love. Reluctantly,Jovin checked her picture on his phone. He smiled looking at her pic. He was happy for her. It has been a while since he has seen her picture. Looking at her picture, he asked himself, why are we not together? There are several knots tied to this question. He muttered to himself, Why did you leave varushka? Was our love not enough for both of us for this life? He had many questions unanswered which he could only find out from Varushka.