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Chapter 2- Hyderabad

Hyderabad- July 2018 Unlike Jovin and his corporate life, Varushkha had a much stress free world. She was a kindergarten teacher by profession. Her husband, Sameer worked at a sales firm and they had two kids. Her world revolved around her kids and her husband. She really looked after her family and was content with life. One day at home, while cooking she played the radio. As it was time for romantic songs, the FM channel played the song that hit a chord untouched for years. It is the chapter of her life that is too good, too pure to be true. As the song concluded, she said, "Jovin". Varushkha could only think of Jovin that day. She took out her phone,saw his dp, told herself he has moved on and looks happy. She wanted to call Jovin but did not. She muttered: Why you left me after our date? I was waiting for you Jovin, why did you not come? Why did you not stop me when I left you? It was only your love i craved for? If only you would have stopped me, we might have been together. There were many questions in her mind. The answers to these were locked in Jovin's heart. Miles apart from each other, two hearts still yearned for each other. 10 years was a lot of time. Will they ever be able to ask each other these questions? Will it open knots or tie up even more knots? Will ever this world accept their story? What was the fate of their relationship? What if Akhila and Sameer know about their partner's past? Will they ever be together?