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Does “love” ever have a happy ending? If it does, how so? Jack Miri falls in love with the new foreigner girl in class, Rose Lighthouse. As a schoolboy Jack had a fanboy’s crush on Emma Watson, and seeing Rose he is reminded of the actress whom he once fantasized about. It turns out that Rose is interested in Jack too. They begin to go out together, and they get to know each other better. After a few months of dating each other, Jack proposes Rose, but Rose declines his proposal. She tells him that she does not feel the same way as he does. After the rejection, they stop seeing each other for sometime, but not for long. Their complicated relationship continues for the remainder of Rose's stay in India. After Rose has left India Jack is gutted and remains inconsolable. He is forced to look deep inside himself and find out the true meaning of Love. It turns out that this was not love. Love is not at all what he thought it was. Seven years after Rose’s departure from India, a chance discovery changes Jack's consciousness. And among other things, Jack begins to understand that when we say we love someone it usually means that we are in love with ourselves. Jack is finally freed from Rose’s memories and is able to look at himself as an ongoing event where everything is possible. Blurb: A NORTH-CAMPUS LOVE-STORY is a love story that examines the nature of desire in all its forms—ambition, jealousy, fear, loneliness, sexuality, identity. Ultimately, it is about coming into contact with that rare thing of beauty which may be called love without desire.

Who is this book for?

Young People

Why are you writing it?

I wrote it in order to tell a story.