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Dr.Vibha Shihorkar

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Our Little Secret

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Dr.Avni Kirloskar,a reclusive fatalist,believes love can never come her way.Dr.Madhav Patel,a handsome, intelligent pediatrician storms into Avni’s heart,transmuting Avni’s notions about love and refashioning her anew.Avni is consumed by love for Madhav,a love that fuses them so inseparably that when they are forced to part ways,it shatters Avni’s heart.Avni relocates, marries a wealthy businessman Yuvraj Kapoor and has a daughter with him.Madhav pursues Avni relentlessly and rekindles their love into a blazing conflagration wholly beyond their control.Yuvraj discovers their affair,and is trapped in a dilemma whether to sacrifice his love or try and win Avni back. Avni too is turmoiled,caught between the man whose fiery, passionate love refashioned her and the man who loves her profoundly with whom she has taken solemn marital vows. Our Little Secret weaves an intricate,complex narrative of passionate,obsessive love and deceit.Does Avni choose the forbidden fruit,or settles in life of domesticity?...Find out

Who is this book for?

This book is for men and women of every era and culture who have been or are yearning to experience the irresistible power of love, whether romantic, obsessive, unconditional, committed or passionate.
For all those who rediscovered themselves through love and for all those whose love was never reciprocated.
For all those who could bravely proclaim their feelings and desires and for all those who had to keep them a secret.

Why are you writing it?

Writing for me is an irresistibly compulsive exercise where I am in solitude with my thoughts. Romance has always fascinated me endlessly and I have grown up reading mythical romance narratives of prince charming marrying his beautiful princess and living happily ever after. I have also read varied genres of romantic fiction. Words are life, words are death, words are nectar, words are poison, words are heaven and words are hell, words are love and words are hatred- It all depends how we use them.Writing this book was expressing my feelings about transcendentally mundane romance where prince charming might not necessarily be riding a white horse and might or might not live happily ever after with his princess, but their love nonetheless remains eternal and undying. It has been my sincere attempt to weave a romantic narrative which is not fantasy but is yet wondrous, unconventional yet alluring, fictional yet practical.