Writing – A Great Way To Analyse Yourself


Every writer is a dreamer- a conscious dreamer. And penning down these dreams and turning it into a book for the world to see is indeed elevating. Pblishing is a publishing house based at New Delhi, India with a raw concept that is to exhilarate every writer. Expressing what is in the mind through words is a pleasing activity that turns into people’s passion and the writer within the self awakens. Pblishing is here to give the writer opportunity to publish his own creations with not a single penny of expenditure.

www.pblishing.com is an online platform made available to everyone who has a flair for writing. Humans are a varied entity and every person has his own style of writing with genres different to choose from. Some love romance, some poetry, some thriller, some drama or humour amongst many others. Writing your heart out and then posting them at pblishing.com gives you the opportunity to know and learn how the readers accept your work. It is the perfect platform to get reviews from a critic point of view from the readers and analyse oneself. As your posted works and writings gain more and more publicity and readership you get the chance to put forward a book proposal followed by a pre-order campaign. Once you achieve a total of 300 pre-orders, Pblishing takes up the responsibility of designing, editing, printing and distributing your book completely. With a concept as fresh and productive as this, it intends to bring out the writer in you and give you the confidence to jot down all that you feel.

Being inspired by anything around you, be it nature, people, emotions, animals or even things, and being able to construct those emotions into words lets you take a plunge within yourself and think about it. Language is never a barrier for writing since you can pen down your thought in English or in any other language you are comfortable with. It is all about the expressions of the emotions and how good you are at it. Furthermore, today when a book becomes a bestseller it becomes highly in demand by other sections of the society as well who do not understand the language that the original book is written with. In such a case, there are translators who do the job as perfectly as possible in order to make the book available for maximum readers.

A person who loves to write definitely has the habit of reading as well and when one takes up a blank page to fill it with words; he must always intend to write what he himself would love to read.

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