You’re just about to begin writing, when you feel the urge for a quick email check. A few hours later, you’ve answered all your emails, read all the news on Twitter, watched three movie trailers, reorganised your desk and snacked (twice). Then, reality hits. Discomfort starts to sink in. Eventually,…

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Staying creative in today’s chaotic world

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” – Pablo Picasso Ever wondered why children are so much more imaginative? The answer is simple. They stress less and their minds aren’t bound by logic. Creativity is essential, and this doesn’t only apply to artists…

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Questions Crossing The Minds of Budding Authors

As an author, you tend to drown yourself in questions at almost every stage of your career – when you’re wondering if it’s the right path for you; when you realise it’s time for an upgrade; more than ever, when you’re about to start penning down your best-selling book. While…

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Writing As A Career

The profession of writing can be exceptionally rewarding. Before delving into its vibrant world, let’s first address the question of what it is to be a writer. While the answers vary, writers across the globe would agree that it means finding pure joy in pouring your heart, mind and soul…

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