Terms of Use

Pblishing.com is a crowdfunding platform wherein we connect readers with writers and allow writers to run pre-order campaigns for their books. Once the pre-order target is met, we agree to publish the book and by publish, we mean – editing, designing, marketing, printing and distributing.

Anybody using the services of Pblishing.com is hereby urged to agree to the terms and conditions set forth on this page ‘Terms of Use’. Anybody found violating these terms of service will be restricted from further using the website.

  1. Pblishing.com reserves the right to change the Terms of Use and you will be notified of these changes via email. 
  2. Unless we give you written permission, do not send or post any commercial communications.
  3. Do not post any content that is defamatory, discriminatory, pornographic, obscene, hurts religious sentiments or incites any form of violence.
  4. Do not post any plagiarised material. Any form of plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  5. Do not post any content/material that directly or indirectly infringes on someone else’s Intellectual Property Rights be it copyrights, trademarks or patents. Anybody found practicing it, their account will be deleted.
  6. Give only valid and true personal information. ID’s and any other personal documents should not have an invalid/expired date.
  7. Do not upload viruses or any other malicious codes. You are also restricted to scan or test our systems that may directly or indirectly harm our security and technology.
  8. Children under the age of 13 are prohibited from using the site.

For Authors:

  1. Pblishing.com is a crowd-funding platform for authors to get pre-orders.
  2. Pblishing.com aims to promote genuine writing and make reading an exciting adventure for readers. As such by submitting content to the service, you give Pblishing.com an irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive and transferrable license to use, reproduce and distribute your content. We retain these rights even if you delete your account.
  3. You hereby grant all users of Pblishing.com access to your content via our service.
  4. You are allowed to upload content of others provided you have the necessary legal permission for the same.
  5. Pblishing.com reserves the right to review your submitted content before publishing it. However, if the content is found to be violating the terms and conditions, then your work ceases to be published and you must return all funds of your backers.

Rules about raising Money:

  1. You are allowed to crowdfund for your work only. Any prequel/sequel to your work/book will be treated as a separate entity for which crowdfunding will have to be done separately. 
  2. You are allowing us to collect the pre-order money on your behalf through payment gateways - PayUmoney and Paytm. If the campaign is unsuccessful, the preorder money would be returned to the backers within 30 days after the end of the campaign.
  3. You may cancel your project with us any time.
  4. All crowdfunding funds will be subjected to verification of both the Author and the Backer so as to ensure the compliance of the Terms of Service policy. In case of any violation, we may reject that fund.
  5. If you are unable to complete your project for whatever reason, we will return the remaining funds to your Backers on your behalf.
  6. You agree not to hold Pblishing.com responsible for any forms of irregularities or liabilities based upon:
    1. your mismanagement of funds
    2. failure to use funds as promised or represented
    3. failure to return funds as outlined elsewhere in Terms of Service policy.
  7. We may keep a Project page up even after fundraising is complete.

Rules about Pre-ordering:

  1. By 'pre-ordering' a book you choose to back the author and contribute funds towards the completion of the project. However, that does not give you any form of right, control or ownership of that work. Such rights are only retained by the Author and whosoever the Author chooses to share these rights. By ‘Pre-ordering’ a book you are only acting as a contributor/backer to the project.
  2. At the time of Pre-ordering, you will have to disclose your full payment information.

Your presence on Pblishing.com:

  1. Whether you are an author, user, backer or subscriber, Pblishing.com will create a profile page for you displaying your name, information and the list of books that you have backed. If you log in to Pblishing.com via a third party such as Facebook or Twitter your profile page will also be displayed. You hereby grant Pblishing.com the right to display the information of your profile page.
  2. Pblishing.com will facilitate messages between users who have created an account with us and you agree to receive those messages as well as messages from other users too.

How we work as Publisher:

  1. We will publish your book as soon as it hits the pre-order target of 150.
  2. By ‘publish’ we mean that we will edit, design, market and distribute your book. Final say on design and print layout will be held with your suggestions.
  3. As your official publisher, we will market your book in a way so that it is available for consumption everywhere. Hence, we will make it available in ebook format too. For other queries on royalty fee and any other publishing terms and conditions, kindly check our Publishing Terms policy.

Liability Rules:

  1. You use Pblishing.com at your own risk and agree to abide by its all rules and regulations.
  2. Pblishing.com does not guarantee that it is safe and secure, as such we are not responsible for the actions, content or information of any third parties that we are associated with. We also do not guarantee the conduct or sudden change of persons-in-charge of your publishing services. Say for instance, you will not hold us responsible if the editor assigned to you suddenly resigns the job. The best we will do is hire another best editor for you.
  3. Pblishing.com and all its employees and shareholders will not be responsible for any damages whether direct or indirect resulting from:
    1. errors, mistakes or omissions of content
    2. Personal injury or damage of any kind due to the use of our services or being associated with us
    3. In case of leakage of your personal information due to a hack or virus in our system through unauthorized access.

You are almost done-

  • The terms herein constitutes the entire agreement between you and Pblishing.com.
  • In case any terms mentioned herein are found to be unforceable, then rest of the terms will remain in effect.
  • If in case, Pblishing.com fails to enforce any terms then it will not mean waivering off of those terms.
  • Without our written authorization, you are not permitted to assign, license or transfer your rights to other individual or party.
  • Pblishing.com may assign or transfer any of its rights without your consent.
  • No third-party will be involved except wherever it has been mentioned in the Publishing Contract.
  • You hereby agree to comply with all the applicable laws when using our services.
  • For any other queries and assistance, kindly reach us at [email protected]