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Chapter 3 :

On “Anne O’Sullivan Cottage"

They saw the shore. Laura asked “ Is that Lily Island''? “Yes, and your aunt lives in a home called “Anne O’ Sullivan Cottage”, said their father. “Oh! It's so nice to live in a home of your name” Laura nodded like she was agreeing with Isabelle. They reached the shore and their uncle was waiting for them in his car. He waved to them. “Ahoy! I’m here”. They all went to thim and dragged their suitcases. Their father hugged his brother and sat in the car. “How was your journey?”, asked their uncle. “It was adventurous”, said Laura. “So, you enjoyed it?” “Of course!”, both the girls said. “I’m delighted you enjoyed your journey.” said their uncle. And finally they reached “Anne O’ Sullivan Cottage”. “Well it’s not a cottage, it’s quite big for it”, said Laura thoughtfully. They entered the house and… their aunt was standing just in front of them, like if she was waiting for them for hours to welcome them. “Oh! So you finally came! I’m so happy to meet both of you” exclaimed their aunt. “Thank you so much aunt. Nice to meet you too”. Both of them said “Uh… Please come in. You all look so tired.” said their aunt. “Oh! Thank you aunt”, both the girls said in unison. “Oh! Wait a second, where is Anne? I had asked her to welcome you both. Anne!, Anne, where are you?” And somebody came in , guess who came in? Yes, it was Anne. “Anne, I asked you to stay here. Why did you go out?” asked Anne’s mother. “What are you saying Mum? Dad only asked me to bring some lemonade”, replied Anne crossley. “Oh, Ok, now meet your new cousins, Laura and Isabelle”, said Anne’s mother. “Hi...nice to meet you. How are you?” asked Anne. “We are fine. Nice to meet you too”, said the twins. “Anne… go and show your cousins their bedroom. And tomorrow all three of you will go and explore the beach.” said Anne’s father. All three of them jumped in excitement and said “Hurrah!” Anne showed them their rooms and helped them to drag their suitcases. “Bye! We will meet at supper.” Anne said. “Goodbye to you too”, said the twins. Both the girls stayed in the same room. “She is very kind to us.”, said Laura. “Yeah, I like her very much. I’m wondering about tomorrow how we will explore the Island?”, said Isabelle happily. “Yes, I’m also thinking about the same thing”, said Laura agreeing with Isabelle. Then only their aunt entered the room and said “Ready for Supper?”. “Yes,” said the twins. They ran to the dining table. “Have you shown your cousins their bedroom?” asked Anne’s father. “Yes, Dad I have shown them their rooms”, replied Anne. “Do you like your room?”asked the twins' uncle. “Yes uncle I liked it”, replied Laura. “It’s very cozy inside”, said Isabelle. “I’m happy that you liked your room”, said their uncle. “Food is ready” said their aunt. “I’m so hungry that I can eat the whole food”, said Anne hungrily with her mouth watering. And there was a sudden burst of laughter. For the supper they had lemonade, delicious smelling stew, delicious looking pastry and buns, large meat pie, salad and homemade cookies.