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Chapter 1 :

Planning for vacations

Laura and Isabelle were having their breakfast with their mother and father. They both were twins. They had bright blue eyes and brown hair, tied in one plait.. “Mum, summer vacations are starting tomorrow. Can we go on a vacation?” asked Laura. “Yeah! It's a good idea. Mum, please let's go on a vacation”, said Isabelle agreeing with Laura. Their father was reading a newspaper as usual and kept it down when he heard what Laura and Isabelle said. “Ok, we’ll go somewhere in the summer vacation”, obviously said their father. “But where? I don't want to go to hill stations. We have been going there since the last 4 years.” “Yes, we don't want to go there this time”, both the girls said. Their father, making a thoughtful face, kept thinking where they should go. And suddenly an idea struck his mind. We can go to your aunt’s home. She will be glad to see you both. And luckily she lives on an island. What was that Island’s name? Ah! It was “Lilly Island” said their father. “Yeah! We can go there, and they also had a cousin there”, said their mother. Laura and Isabelle have never met their aunt, uncle and their cousin. They thought that how was their new cousin in nature, looks, kind or not, polite or not, tempered or….. And then only their father said “I should call your aunt and uncle and ask if they are free or not?”, saying that their father left. “Who is this our new cousin, mother?” asked Isabelle. “She is Anne and she is one year elder than you both. She really gets bored alone in the house. Your aunt often says “Anne really gets bored”. Anne will be glad to have you both to play with her”, finished their mother, and went to wash the utensils. Then only their father came back. “Your aunt and uncle wouldn’t mind if we go there. In fact, they are very excited indeed. Both the girls in sudden excitement said “So, when are we going?” “Tomorrow” said their mother. The twins jumped in joy. And there was a burst of laughter. That day Laura and Isabelle were busy all day long packing their bags. In the night, they had their supper, changed and fell down straight on their beds. As soon as they crashed on their bed, they were fast asleep snoring.