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Chapter 2 :

Off to Lilly Island

It was sunrise,and the slanting sun rays fell on their cheeks. Isabelle woke first and tried to wake Laura too.But Laura was still snoring. Isabelle shouted “Wake-up fast Laura, have you forgot about the trip?” But that also didn’t work. It seemed like Laura had stuffed cotton in her ears. Isabelle thought hard and threw a bucket full of cold water on her face and shouted “Now wake - up fast.” “Why have you thrown cold water on me?” protested Laura. “Because you were not waking -up. Have you forgotten about our trip?”shouted Isabelle. Then their mother entered the room “Why are you both shouting like this? Go take a bath and get ready. We are getting late.” scolded their mother and left the room. Isabelle looked at Laura angrily and went to take a bath. Soon they both got ready and went downstairs for breakfast. Their father as usual was reading the newspaper. For breakfast they had boiled eggs,sandwiches,milk and a pineapple tin.they put their suitcase in the car. “ Have you brought sweets?” asked the twin's father who was very fond of sweets. “Yes.” replied their mother. Soon they set off for their aunt’s home. They rode and rode, everything was going great but not when the Sun was shining very brightly and it was to... hot. They felt very humid. Fortunately they had an a.c. in the car. Everyone was relieved. Isabelle as usual got hungry “ Mum can’t we - …” before she could finish her sentence Laura said “ Have our lunch?” and everyone laughed. “How did you know what I was going to say?” asked Isabelle, quite confused. “ Because I know you from the last 12 years “ replied Laura. Their father said “ We are near a restaurant. We can have lunch there. Well it’s half past 1 now.” They reached the restaurant and started ordering the meals . When their meals were kept on the table they started gobbling it “Hmmm… Delicious” said Laura and Isabelle. “And look at those sweets, my mouth is watering” said their father. “And what about pizza, I don't have words for it. We didn't have it a long time ago. “Delicious,” said their mother. After having their lunch they went to their car and set off for the Island again. Now the journey was getting boring for the twins. Half an hour was there for tea time. Their father said “I know it’s not tea time but still it will be better for us to have tea before only. Because we have to go in a boat also. So all of them had tea and set off for the boat. Their mother asked “What about the car?”. “We’ll park it here at some safe place,” replied their father. Fortunately there was a hotel nearby and it’s manager was their father’s friend. The manager allowed them to park their car over there. And they went for the boat. “How nice it would be to sail in a boat” said Laura. And finally they were on the boat, seeing the lovely sea waves which sometimes splashed on them. Twins’ eyes were as blue as the sea. “Oh! I love the sea. I would like to come here every year.” said Isabelle. And everyone laughed.