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Chapter 13:


He confessed his feelings to Penny.  Patrick thought of penning down his feelings in a letter but his pigeon friends were unavailable that day.  He also thought of gifting a pebble to Penny as a symbol of eternal love. He then realised that he isn’t a penguin.  On a beautiful rainy day (because rom-coms said so), Patrick wooed Penny by - aunting his colourful and vi- brant feathers.  Whilst Penny didn’t spare a second to appreciate Pat- rick’s eort, Patrick’s feathers got unwanted attention from Sher Khan (because Disney said so) the lion and fell prey to him. D- Deplete Patrick the peacock is interested in Penny the peahen. Why is that we wear our heart on our sleeves (or feathers) only to be broken? Why do we relentlessly chase souls who have little or no interest in us? Peacocks attract mates by - aunting their feathers. However, the males’ train of feathers may become too heavy to carry around leaving them vulnerable to predators. It is heart-breaking that we wear our heart on our feathers only to get it broken. Our own intense emotions become heavy and self-destructive. Our wings become too heavy for us to fly free. It is impossible to harvest respect and love from lands where seeds of your name don’t grow. You can’t expect your soul to bloom from a barren land no matter how much you irrigate or plough it. You are depleting your own peace, energy and re- sources. You need rain if you want the golden pot at the end of the rainbow. In retrospective, depletion might teach you a lot of things for e.g.: you need to know what breaks you to know what makes you. How- ever, there is no novelty in suering. Every rain doesn’t guarantee a rainbow. Not all suerings are worth it. • It is okay to wear your heart on your sleeve but you also need to know when to roll up your sleeve. When you are deserted by someone or some- thing it is okay for you to ditch your petals and embrace your thorns. You need to understand that even roses come with thorns. • You need not be the sun in someone's life if they only want the sunshine that you give them but are unwilling to look at you in the eye when you burn. Renewable sources are healthy for the planet but strive to be the love child of a renewable and non-renewable resource as it is healthy for YOU. Be non renewable. It is not selsh to have a xed quantity of energy for individuals who deplete and exploit you but be renewable to yourself and to the ones who care for you. ∞∞∞ Whilst depletion is a good teacher, it is not the best teacher as de- pletion promotes self-maintenance and not self-growth. Deple- tion in rapid succession does not make one strong but immune. It isn’t futile, but it becomes inecient beyond a certain point. Glamorising depletion is a broken window FALLACY