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The A-Z of life is unpredictable, chaotic and unorganised. It might not even follow a standardised and ordered A-Z ordered pattern. Did you ever wonder why the keyboard does not follow an alphabetical order? An ordered A-Z arrangement caused jamming of keys as opposed to the unordered QWERTY. Perhaps, we do need a little irregularity to smooth our lives. Every chapter has an implicit link. Hop on and read Qwerty to witness a structured journey to an unstructured destination. Get ready to sing the alphabet song and dance to your own poetry!

Who is this book for?

Qwerty is a punny, sarcastic, meme and poetry filled self-help book for teenagers and young adults.

It is written for everyone who find it difficult to believe, love, breathe, laugh( and cry) or hope in today's fast paced world.

Why are you writing it?

There is beauty in change and chaos.

The keys our lives do not follow a A-Z format. There is an ordered irregularity in our lives to avoid the jamming of our keys.

I hope the readers find their own keys, arrange them in their own quirky way and dance to their own poetry.

I've written the ABCD and I hope the readers construct their own lyrics.