It Ended... But to happen again! 1 years ago

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They hate each other. They are like north and south. He appears like Nalayak to her and she appears like behanji to him. But you know ones destiny is always different from imagination. Something like that did happen in their life too. And then the situation was like- She is his best friend and he is her best friend. She cares for him and he is concerned about her. They always stay together but still he is dating some other girl. He can hurt his date for her and she can fight with teachers for him. They were each other’s favourite character of life. I guess that’s why she started loving him but without letting him know. She was in love with him and no one knew except her. He was in love with her and everyone knew except him. In this novel you will get the tadka of love and friendship. What happened to their love story? Was it left untold and they simply departed or they meet? To know more read Aditi and Aditya’s sour, salty, bitter and sweet love story- “It Ended…But to happen again!”

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