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Comedy Dreams

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The book is about a Delhi boy, who has a dream to become a stand up comedian. He is from Uttar Pradesh and settled in Delhi and his jokes depict various things of urban areas which seem strange to a teenager from rural area. The story is narrated by his close friend. It is a saga of the struggle of a boy to overcome various obstacles to become one of the eminent stand up comedians of India. His passion for chasing his dream takes him from Delhi to Mumbai, which was an unknown city for him, and lands him into various odd situations and make him meet different types of people.

Who is this book for?

This book deals with the lives of two teenagers of Delhi, both of them having roots in Uttar Pradesh. However, their lives represent the life of a typical teenager of Delhi. So the youngsters may find the novel interesting as they can associate themselves easily with them.

Why are you writing it?

As I stay in Delhi, I wanted to write a story about a teenager of Delhi. I wanted to highlight their aspirations and lifestyle through a story. Moreover, I wanted to compose a story in with which the young readers can associate themselves.