Ajay Ramanathan

The author Ajay Ramanathan is a 23 year old Law graduate based in Bengaluru. He is an avid reader and takes a keen interest in Psychology and Philosophy. Apart from this, he is very passionate about music namely rock. Considering himself as more of a songwriter than a poet, his inspirations include the likes of Alex Turner, Lou Reed, Kurt Cobain etc. On having attained a degree of BBALLB from Christ University, he is currently working in a Bengaluru based Start-up.

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An Assortment Of Sorts

The search for an apt title for this work was a lengthy one. After much ado,I have decided to name my book as; ‘An Assortment of Sorts’ as it is a collection of the entirety of my work so far. This book contains a collection of 50 POEMS .The work can be described as semi-biographical in nature as most of these are based on actual events in my life while others may be dealing with world issues or events that the I may wish to address. Moreover, this book can best be described as a palette reflecting the various depths of the my emotional and intellectual psyche. A journey into the the realms of my experience, it aims to be both relatable and enjoyable to anybody who volunteers to be on it. I have included a list of 4 Sample Poems below that would feature in the Book.Don't forget to PRE-ORDER if you like them!


Who is this book for?

The book is for anyone looking for a breath of fresh air.This collection deals with subjects ranging from love to politics and promises to not disappoint

Why are you writing it?

I've been very passionate about writing from a young age.This book is a compilation of all the poems I've written so far.

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