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Ravindra Singh Thakur

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Twirls and Twists: friendship Vs Love

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A story of friendship, love, and some unfulfilled promises beyond death. Yes it's true thriller love story of Piyush and Aahna which is entangled. Piyush is a simple guy and having so many dreams for humanity. Aahna is a heartbroken girl but she completed Piyush dreams with the help of Vanshaj and Vanshaj spreads love, smile for other people. This is an immortal inspirational story. All friends give a best example of true, real and immortal friendship. This is a story of pure love not based on lust because few love stories depend on trust...dreams...understanding which compelled me to complete their love with their existence.

Who is this book for?

This book is based on immortal friendship and love. The Story is an inspirational one which covers all age groups from school and college life and even this book is for the youth of our nation. This story comes from street of indore( madhyapradesh) and Bina (uttarpradesh). Author described about the protagonist's dreams and that dreams completed by his friends and lover. If any one want to know real meaning of friendship then definitely this book is for them.

Why are you writing it?

This is not a book for me this is a promise which is completed by me for my best friend.
Piyush wanted to purchase my first book even though he was not a reader but last time he told me "This is your dream and I want to see you with your book".
After 17 days, he left me alone with my dreams and his memories but yes I completed my dream for him, most importantly this book is for him because he is a protagonist.
I tried to relive him by my words for his promises.