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The White Skyis a novel based on the author’s experience while he was studying at the Indian School of Business. In his stint at the school, the author chalked out a strong, fictitious plot and added a few peripheral facts related to ISB, giving the book a realistic touch. The book is in three parts and carries a different style of narration in each part. The White Salwar merges romance genre with that of science fiction. It is the story of a student- Kanishka who is extremely reserved by nature and is capable of enduring personal and academic shocks without sharing his feelings. The demanding rigor of ISB turns into a challenge to his personality and he struggles to maintain his nature. He deals with the situation by an inspiring presence of a girl, who, even without participation, sets things in order. Kanishka graduates and moves ahead in life but does he move on? Find out for yourself.

Who is this book for?

Readers of random fiction, who would love to savor a combination of genres.

Why are you writing it?

This book is a light story for those who read through the lines but has deeper insights for those who read between the lines too. ISB community, especially alumni and students, can relate to a great deal with the content narrated in the story.