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The Boy- Song of A Silent Soul

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Ever felt that you have nowhere to run? Ever felt that little insects of self-doubt creep under your skin shredding your confidence one thought at a time? This gripping read about self-doubt and betrayal written in a unique prose and poetry format is a near true-to-life tale. Not only is this a simple read about someone's else struggle, it is mirror to one's own soul. if you have ever felt that people close to you have doubted your existence or you have yourself questioned your purpose, this book will patch you right up! Why? Because as I right this, I myself, am crippled with the thought- what if this is a failure too?

Who is this book for?

This book caters to anyone who is old enough to understand the impact of self-doubt and societal pressure yet is too young to tackle it alone!
Also, if none of the above relates to you- this book can simply be treated as a work of fiction!

Why are you writing it?

The answer to this question lies hidden deep within my own soul. What happens when pent up anger and crippling self doubt can no longer be tolerated? Yes, we find an outlet. For some it is wine, for some it is games. For me, it has always been writing. So yes, why am I writing this book? Because it is closer to me than what should be considered healthy for an author. It's persona.