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Spirit Child

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In a world far far away there lives a girl called Faila who has always known she was different... When a stranger appears among the desert tribes of Soleria to take her away, she realises that she is more than just a little different. Facing a destiny she barely understands, Faila joins forces to take back a kingdom that was thought to be lost forever

Who is this book for?

The book is for anyone aged 11 above who enjoys a somewhat traditional but mostly original fantasy universe. It has plenty of magic, fighting, action, some angst and fulfilment of destiny.

Why are you writing it?

Since I've been a child fantasy has always been my escape. To read something that is set in a completely different world allows me to escape reality. It started as a burst of creativity and grew into something that has come to mean the world to me.

The magic in the book is all based on music, and music has been a very magical part of my life too.

I want my readers to be able to escape reality and find comfort in a different world, as well as enjoy a good fantasy story at the same time.