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Sky in my Heart

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Sky in my heart is translation of Hindi fiction set against the backdrop of partition of India. It is a story of love, separation, of friendships and of assimilation. It is a period novel that beautifully uses surrealism, interwoven with reality

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who loves good literature. Those who are passionate about finding out more about India's partition, especially from the Sindhis' viewpoint. Finally those who love to read a love story that is not mushy but profound.

Why are you writing it?

I was fortunate to have met the author of this book, a wise elderly gentleman, whose love and wisdom helped me see light in some difficult times of my life. When I read his book, I felt as if I had found the source of that wisdom and light. I felt that the wisdom, beauty and truth this book contained, despite the pain and misery of the times it captured, needs to be told to a larger audience.
I realized that more people need to read this story now when assimilation is giving way to division, hatred to love and intolerance to acceptance. The novel lights up the possibility of a human spirit to stay guided by love, friendships and reason even in times when insanity and anger prevails. For this alone, I decided to translate this book, slim in size but big in its thoughts. And finally, the innocence and wisdom of two hearts in love infused me with a warmth like that of the sun in Indian January. I wanted to share it with everyone who would care