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The book contains poems and other writings of Pulkita Rawat (21st August 1993 -10th January 2018) , a spirited young writer who absorbed sensitivities far beyond her age in her creations. From love and longing to existential reflections, from warmth of friendships to depths of depression, from boisterous pleasures to cruel realities, the book explores the crests and troughs of human relationships and the writer’s quest for purpose in life. A gifted writer, Pulkita makes the simplest of emotions glide high using literary machinations. Yet the words remain honest, the emotions true and expressions personal. The book also has some of her write ups penned in the early stages of her creative journey. It’s a book that transcends generations and will connect to both the millenials and old alike.

Who is this book for?

I Laugh, ‘Cause I Hate to Cry is a collection of Pulkita Rawat’s poems which she has composed while soaking in the travails of coming of age. Characterised by vivid descriptions of varied emotions the youth goes through, her poems subscribe to both the traditional rhyme writing and the modern free verse style. This makes the book accessible and enjoyable for all age groups.
The book could also be a guide to those looking at pursuing creative writing as a hobby as it is inspiring to see how the writer has put complex emotions to beautiful words. They also expose the reader to a young mind’s ability to unspool the fuzziness of life. The poems can be used as an example to show and impart understanding about 'flair for language'. Any poem in the book can be at any given point of time ,be a central idea of discussion during coffee sessions of thinkers and group of friends.They can also be used for recitation in school competitions. Her poems can also be used for creative writing workshops that encourage young writers.

Why are you writing it?

We as her parents are getting Pulkita's poems published in her name as a gesture of our deep and unconditional love. She is our daughter, beautiful, effervescent and full of life. Our hearts hold her lingering fragrance and will always birth after birth. In the words of her friends: There are some people who might go far away from you physically in life, but their soul remain etched in you till eternity. "Your voice ,your smile is something that no one would be able to take away from me." "Wish that one day we do meet again, in whatever form of life and complete this beautiful journey in life that we shared." "Will love you forever" : by Preet
Her another friend Pranita writes: "Pulkita, for me was not just a friend. She was my soul sister, my confidante and happiness." "My ray of sunshine, full of warmth and brightness." "With her gone ,she has left me with a huge void." "My being as a whole that will never be filled." "I know for a fact that I will see her soon, even if I have to fight with heavens and hell just to be with her for the rest of my existence in this universe."

In an attempt to relive her again and again and everyday, we decided to get her work published, to complete what has been left incomplete by her. We are thankful to God Lord Krishna for this thought in our mind.