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Poetic Howl 2

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Being a young collection of Hindi poetry with English translations, Poetic Howl 2 is a darker sequel & a deeper voyage to the original 'Poetic Howl'. Its a fine read on topics which appeals to the youth the most like, Social issues, self-help, love & fantasies, life goals & motivation and all-in-all finding your true self with the most pleasurable way to read literature, which is poetry, more specifically, Hindi poetry.

Who is this book for?

This book is for the ones who are truly and madly in love with poetry.
The ones who find pleasure in Hindi literature, the ones who love to read Hindi poetry but with a little help of English translations.
The ones who frequently find themselves in words and poems, in love and fantasies, in motivation and innovation, in dilemmas & arguments, in a lost world or a crowded one, but have little to express their mess of emotions.
This book is mainly targeted for the youth but finds no limit when it comes to the age of average reader. Its just a collection of revolutionized thoughts anyway, of almost every other person.

Why are you writing it?

To put out my understanding of the world around me.
To give my readers a vivid range of imagination and a feast for thoughts.
To talk directly to my readers about various topics in the book regarding love, fantasies, motivation, creation, destruction, social drama and most importantly, the people around me and them.
To lift them up, to love them, to celebrate with them the attraction that poetry is.