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Poetic Howl

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Philosophies of a 25-year old.

Who is this book for?

For all those who are living the best decade of their life- The Twenties.
For all those who live with a huge chaos of thoughts which comes with this age.
For all those who needs to understand the people of this decade, especially in this modern era.
For all those who just needs a peace of mind through words and poetry.
For all those who just love to read for pleasure.

Why are you writing it?

While some go to swim for a refreshing morning, I write.
while some climb mountains for a sense of adventure, I write.
While some pop open a beer for a relaxing evening, I write.
While some can express better by speaking, I do that by writing.
While all of these are busy in their own perspective, I write mine and make them read.
While all of this is happening in the background, everyone deserves to read something which will make their life a little better and I try to achieve just that with my writing.
This is why I write.