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'ओजस्विता' is the hindi collection of poetry composed by original thoughts and life-long rich experiences made by the poetess herself. The book is compatible and worthy reading for all age-group. Dipped in the aura of different shades of life such as love, emotions, romance, feelings, aspirations, rebellion, motivation, inspiration, etc. The collection of poems are the great source of mental-healing and quench of thirst of poetry for readers. The collection connects from 'I to YOU' and 'YOU to WE'. I am sure, readers will find it quite interesting even to make it rhythmic from mind to heart. 1. ओजस्विता 2. जीवन का सार

Who is this book for?

1. ओजस्विता
2. जीवन का सार

Why are you writing it?

'ओजस्विता' is the book of Hindi poetry-collections to reflect different beads of life. Writer Dr. Anjali Dhar started her writing career with the same elius name during her school days. Motivated by especially her brother and after gaining international recognition in poetry writing, Dr. Anjali Dhar reflected true colours of life in her poetry. Therefore, poetry collection 'Ojasvita' is specially dedicated to poetess's brother Mr. Dhiraj Dhar, father Mr. O. P. Dhar, mother Late Mrs. Sushila Dhar and beloved son 'Dhruv' who played vital role of motivation and encouragement in her life. 'Ojasvita', therefore, can't be assumed merely collection of poetry, it reflects different shades of life in the form of colourful rainbow embeded in eloquent words of life such as love, emotions, feelings, motivation, inspiration, women empowerment, etc. The composition of poems are individual thought process of the poetess, which peeped out from life-long experiences, sufferings, melancoly, achievements, motivation, emotions, etc. While reading the book, people will enjoy the collection of poem as if, it related to their personal life. Therefore, human touch is main charm of the book for all age-groups.