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Matribhoomi & Pitribhoomi

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"Matribhoomi & Pitribhoomi" is a Poetry Book consisting of 4 different categories under which the poems have been written:- 1. Nationalism 2. Motivational 3. Romance 4. Nature It is a collection of few Jewel type 'Love To Read' Poetry Pieces. These pieces will become Masterpieces or not depends a lot on the way or upto the extent you love, read and like them!

Who is this book for?

This Book is for all school children, teenagers, college folks, adults, professionals etc

Why are you writing it?

To create that feeling of love for one's own country ignited within our heart and soul in midst of whatever profession we are or where ever we are, nurture the traits of bravery & chivalry in our blood and DNA and let them keep going which we have acquired either by birth or good order and disciplined life, love for nature, Ones hidden Romantic feelings of a young heart and the desire for anew equally capable lover along with the motivational examples of many differently able characters of the Society!