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Feelings And A Pen- The Chaos Inside My Head.

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This is a story, of a teenager from a point of view of a teenager, who is just going with the flow of life. She hates studying science, has faced several heartbreaks, suffered from various diseases, and has been neglected by the world, because of her ugliness. Her point of view in the book, is a subject to constant change. All the things which have been written are either facts or her truest of opinions on particular scenarios. So, come be a part of the adventures of her teen life, which comprise of several love angles, and ofcourse a school life, which was once loved; now hated. Read the book, for a better understanding. Hope you all can relate to it.

Who is this book for?

This book is for those who found me worthless.
This book is for my late 'Dadu', 'Nanu' and 'Dadi'.
This book is for me.
This book is for my parents, teachers who always made me perform my best.
This book is for my friends who were a continuous support of criticism and appreciation.
This book is for anyone and everyone who picks it up.

Why are you writing it?

My hospitalization during 9th grade was the time, when I recognized my interest in writing and generated a spark within me to fight for social causes through words. So, the major credit goes to my 'almost weird diseases', which delivered a lot of free time to me, in writing this book. Apart from this, another major reason was me getting into science and the teenage residing within me, which never let me trust anyone, share my opinions except my diary.

Who did know, that I'll take the harsh step of publishing my expressions someday?!