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Before You Startup

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Do you want to start your business? Are you hunting for business ideas? Or do you already have a business idea to work on? No matter what stage your future startup is at, if you have not started your business operations yet, this book is for you. Through this book, I am trying to prepare you as far as possible for all the unknown challenges you may face in future by providing you with various frameworks to understand your business better and make a better decision in the future. This is exactly how successful startups operate - they encounter big challenges, make calculated guesses and keep moving. Here, I try to present a holistic view of running start-ups. Essential topics such as financial planning, capital raising, market strategy and finding resources, even for startups have a small team size of 5to 6 employees, are all discussed. If you invest a little of your time in reading this book, rest assured you are going to save lots of time while running your startup. Best of Luck!

Who is this book for?

This book is for all those who have dreamed of being an entrepreneur and are now thinking of the next step in founding a startup and getting to work. You would be well advised to talk to many people before actually beginning your venture, but many aspects of running a startup are different from running a well-established business.

Here, I am trying to present a holistic view of running start-ups. Essential topics such as financial planning, investment and capital raising, business and market strategy, resources and talent, are all discussed. All of them are treated from the point of view of different types of startup, - because different ventures can have very different needs. Key points are highlighted for reader's attention.

Why are you writing it?

I started my first venture when I was just 23 years old. Being very young and coming from the non-business background, I had no idea about planning or running a startup. I went through ups and downs and learnt this art by experience. But now when I look back I feel that I have wasted (sorry for the brutal word) a great amount of time and money during the learning process. I encountered many unwanted events which could have been avoided by just taking small steps but I was never aware of those small steps. I was lucky to survive those unwanted events, but most of the startups are not! Later, as a mentor, I worked with multiple startups and felt that the most of the startups fail due to very same reason. Thus, I decided to write this book to help all those young aspiring entrepreneurs to start their entrepreneurial journey in a properly planned way so that they are ready to face any unexpected challenge which they may encounter soon. I believe this book will help all those non-business background aspiring entrepreneurs to save lots of time and money while they start working on their idea.