Alisha Phillips

The book is not a single author book, instead it's a mixture of six different authors. Poets who belong to varied fields of lives and have varied experiences to extract words from, have come together in this anthology.
The poets are:
Elwin Dillu
Shlok Ranjan Srivastava
Sehar Siddiqui
Mohammad Yahiya
Aastha Singh
Alisha Phillips

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अर्ज़ hai...

The book is an anthology of poems in Hindi, English and a bit of Urdu as well. The authors have different sources of inspiration and so the poems are of a varied ranges, from love to death to nationalism. It has bit of something for everyone to connect to.


Who is this book for?

The book, "अर्ज़ hai...", is for all those who love poetry, but that is a mere given. Considering the variety of poems, it is for everyone. A reader can find and feel pieces of their own selves mingled somewhere in the mix. Just breathe in the words and make them yours.

Why are you writing it?

Poetry is one of the most free ways of expressing. Thoughts, hopes, experiences and just about anything can be put forward for people to see and interpret them according the framework of their own worlds.

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