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Adventurous Girls find the missing!

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This is the sequel to the first book "Adventurous Girls on Treasure Island" published in 2020. Laura, Isabelle, and Anne set out again on an exciting trip to find more treasure on Lily Island. In the process, they got confronted to rescue one famous scientist's daughter.

Who is this book for?

This book is for children between ages 8-15 years. This book is about the second adventure trip of three girls: Laura, Isabelle, and Anne to a mysterious island.

Why are you writing it?

'Books are our best friends

Books are my best friends also. Reading fairy tales, adventure stories, etc. made me feel that I am also a part of that particular story. I spent hours just reading books, but didn't get at all bored. It was during the lockdown in India, that I started writing my novel. My inspiration was the world-famous children's author 'Enid Blyton'. I started writing, to get free of the boredom caused during the lockdown. I also used to write small children's fiction stories of 1-2 pages, when I was 6-7 years old.

So one day in lockdown only, I started to write. I was sitting ideal, thinking what to do? Then my mother came and said "Shreya, why don't you do some diary entry or something? You used to write such good stories, when you were small" So I lazily went to my study table and started to write. Days passed, and my story was becoming longer and longer. I didn't know that I would end up writing a novel. When finally my book was finished I showed it to my mother. She was astounded! She never expected that I would write a novel!

She quickly called my class teacher and told her about my novel. My mother was determined to publish my novel. She researched a lot on the net that how to publish a book. And finally, she got to know it. She told me that we can publish a book on 'Maple publishing'. Then on a Sunday afternoon, my father after spending hours on the computer finally published my book. The cover page of the novel, written by me was also designed by me on 'MS Power Point'. This is how I published my book.

My book readers will be very glad to know that this is my second title. The first title "Adventurous Girls on Treasure Island" has already been successfully published