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Life is a race. A rat race. Stand out, or be lost. Nova, just another girl, trying to figure out her life, ends up in a law school. That’s when she starts hitting the bumps of life, it wasn’t as easy as she imagined. Not getting good enough grades and struggles to make new friends was just the beginning. Her journey starts when she decides to take action rather than being a passive spectator, speaking up for herself.

Who is this book for?

For all those who wonder what life is like in college and particularly in a 5 years integrated course in law school. New friendships, first loves, dramas, hostel life, and ‘common (wo)man’s’ adventures. Is the experience same as that of the main characters in movies, or is the reality something else? Read it.

Why are you writing it?

Got tired of writing a diary, so ended up writing a book to preserve my precious memories.
When I ran my first marathon in class 8th, and showed the ‘participation’ medal to the principal of my school, she assumed it to be a gold medal. In the school assembly held the very next day, I was showered with praise and was made a hero in real time. I went from zero to being a hero on that day and that image remained with me till I graduated high school and joined another school. A law school.
Life changed within seconds. Intelligence plays no role in determining whether you do good or bad. It is your ability to butter up your seniors, teachers and if you have the capability, then your director.
As years passed, many of my classmates with their ‘fine’ brains had managed to get a backlogs in various subjects. My father always said that god can do miracle except making one pass in an examination without preparation. He was proved wrong when the almighty, in the form of ‘covid-19’ helped them all pass.
Every day was a new experience and a book seemed the best way to preserve and share them with everyone.