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Chapter 6:

Passion of the nation

Well, this time the nation has the good news, the warfare with the nation ended the last year. Aryan is on a journey to a national conference of nations, thinking on the aspects to make it happen the curtailment of warfare and stabilizing national borders. End of the day he hoped near the Mantis satellite port. In the nation Janet made to change the code of order of the ministry even not her control it was. The minister was denied to, to change this code to Janet’s. Aryans ministry followed to her acquit. The law of the country changed the first time. Janet made the state withdraw the policies of code of order. The wind of the state was against the flow of gold. Aryan recognized this as the life of Asia. He finds a solution for this in his mind. He stated about the curtailment of warfare throughout the session and made it. On his journey back he found some time to rectify his doubts on economy. He returned and had a lot of time on it. He called out Janet and questioned her about the change in the code of the ministry. She refused to replay to it. She argued with Aryan about his procedures on the ministry. Her knowledge was about a dais of decorum. She refused to agree with him. Aryan shamelessly argued with her. She found that the life in Asia was difficult as life in the waters. Her knowledge was not enough for the state. Her ideology was to diagnose the matters in the ministry and find the solutions in sessions of meeting rather a session of regular order. Even she was about to accuse Aryan she managed to change her ideas about the decisions. Aryan strongly warned her. The next day Janet has a serious matter to discuss with Aryan. The solders of the state have a serious matter to convey that the control over the sea is losing hold. Janet discussed the matter with Aryan, he invited his administrators and held a session for this. The session ended with a solution of changing the law on the ocean and impose duty on the sailing ships. Janet was happy on Aryans decision even it was from his homily. Janet decided to meet Arya and thought about to change the official go of palace. Janet met Arya and have strong ideas about the nation, in the next ministry session she discussed about it. Astrologer of the nation have a visit with Aryan he informed him about a transit happening in the sky the nest seventh day. He warned Aryan about the transit and about its causes on the nation as an evil power. He took it seriously that the nation has a lot to take it on account. Aryan thought about to change from the official go of nation to take the matters of importance into account. He took it to the ministry and arranged a sacrifice for this and strengthened every bit of the rule including the army. The astrologer warned about an earthquake to happen so close. Aryan was at distress that the matter changed from a war to a disaster. This time the state lost its grip. Time have reached at the limit of extinction Aryan thought with strong knowledge on it, it’s time to change. Janet has a lot to say about the sacrifice, and its prepairment. The sacrifice was held, and the chance of the earthquake was tackled. Aryan changed his behavior suddenly from an adamant man to a man of enjoyment. The country changed from a strong dynasty to an enjoyable land. This ended the story of the life after the strong establishment. A priest came to the palace and visited Aryan and advised Aryan about the secrets of kingship. He secretly conveyed to Aryan about the importance in a kingdom and emphasized on the word Castle to him. Aryan got the importance of a castle over a palace. He welcomed the priest later with offerings and invited him to dine. After the priest went Aryan made all the arrangements to build up a castle. Aryan got the importance of kingship over a dynasty. He changed from a dynastical ruler to a statesman. Aryan weighted till the end of the construction of castle. The nation slept till that. Time passed by as the wind of Asia. On a fine day Aryan changed his life to the palace after its completement. The day on the palace was much beautiful than expected and life changed for kingship. Queen Arya was much happy on the palace and its life. This brought glory to the palace. The castle shined on the wealth of it. From here everything on the castle changed to a normal life of natural flow with the nature. As a new life the kingdom celebrated the festive of Basant Panchami and changed the season from summer. The life on the nation changed and festive was great. This time over the kingdom man have achieved to make a lot of festive time. Life changed to life in paradise of wisdom. Life in Asia arise to match with life in heaven and life joined with festive. This time Asia has no problems and time have gone like a huge clock of life. Freedom spread across the nation and Asia changed from a land of furious mysteries from times of hardship to a time of wellbeing. The eyes of the rulers across the globe change to tears and mindfulness spread across. The life in Asia was a dream at the times. Diversity is a main factor which helped Asia to attain, Aryan thought. Passion of the nation was seen on the gates of Asia and life spread over boundaries of nations from Asia. Gates closed as time outstrip for people outside the state. Rituals started in the state as the sun sets. The dynasty attained its full strength as the day ceases. In the nighttime flown life like water and life fulfills for everyone. Janet serves the life of pariah. The kingdom welcomed pariah. Freedom in the country was Asia’s fame on the nation, people of the country thought. The night passed by as the snow brazes. Mr. Livie Aryan’s brother held a session with Aryan to discuss about the importance of the period. Aryan marked it in his records. Livie conveyed nothing else but importance of spirituality at the time. Aryan took it most serious of his life. Arranged everything to held it and managed to find the spirituality within. Time passed by again, life got separated from desires and strengthened. Unity concealed ever for again in the dynasty. Aryan enjoyed his morning drink of grains, tasted same like his spirit of red, people hopping it to be wine. He touched his lips and stood against the wind. The breeze was slipping through his hairs hogging it upwards. People in misunderstanding their busy wished to see Aryan on a vision. Aryan hopped the people to zinc in busy nature of conduct by the age of modern civilization. People hopped for modern age and pushed their life ahead in the nightmare of the era. People felt like grains passing through their head living in the beauty of the age. Aryan was astonished on the age of life where everything was anything. He missed hopefully the ministry of the June at the time and wished for Arya with him and hopped her near. At the time people of the castle wished for Arya. Aryan avoided his queen and spent his time in the sun. He dreamed his chariot and shocked to see the queen when he reached the bridle. They went to the garden and wheeled along people seeing once again Aryan’s queen in a spot of peace. Aryan failed again in seeing life and roamed in the garden alone together. People still symbolizes it as the symbol of peace. In the pain of love Aryan said his story discontinues. People of the country left the official go seeing Aryan on the pain of modern age. Life have advanced Aryan remembered with Arya on his long cloak. People of the country started visiting Aryan on the inkling on a life with Arya. Visitors were present at the castle, Arya smiled on Aryan through the thought after a long time. Visitors symbolized as it is a virtue of reliability. Aryan took a long breadth. Visitors view this from long ahead. Aryan covered her with her mantle. The sky of the eve changed to greenish rose. Let its glory spread across the nation sky squalled. Nations around the globe kept its drawing. Aficionado spent time on the eve. Clouds twinkled like water on the warmth. Fear left alone in the memory. Youthfulness lived in the snow, the nation’s breadth slowed, sun hid beneath snow, courage innates as life. The life changed to vernacular. Pelican flown cutting the wind. Horizon hid in the sky. The day was a joyful venture. Peace scent in air in the venture and period dissolved in time. Passion slept in chest. Breadth reached the skull.