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Unlock the blueprint of your life's design through Mandalas

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In this very first volume in my Coloring Books for Adults & Teens, I have gathered together a range of chakra mandala patterns combined with color and psychotherapy to unlock the stuck energy in one's cellular structure and DNA.These designs are aligned to the seven chakras. (Subtle energy systems)

Who is this book for?

For Teens and Adults.Ideal for self-discovery,art journalling,self-healing,self expression,improving confidence,stress management,relaxation,calming the mind.
Questions are designed to help people in understanding their natural gifts and hidden talents & potential in career and life.
Also those working with people with special needs,chronic illness health conditions,Art therapists,Holistic healers,all types of Counsellors ,Life Coaches.

Why are you writing it?

The personal mandalas come with a personalized message, giving you an insight into soul
lessons, soul's qualities, five elements, vibration codes and cells energy patterns, and how
you express this out into your environment. When your soul decided to incarnate into
physical reality in this lifetime, it chose to align itself with particular vibratory frequencies
that are determined by the chakras, your cell imprints and past life patterns.
The vibratory frequencies that are chosen by the higher-self best express and equip the
physical being with various abilities that are in-tune with the soul's purpose, mission and
lessons to be learned this lifetime.
Through Reiki and other energy tapping techniques, you can intuitively tap into your energy
field and aura, and through the mandala, you can capture the patterns and feelings that are
imprinted in the cellular structure that reveal soul issues, imprints, life lessons and the soul's
energy quality. This imprints and integrates the actual facts & interprets the current
circumstances and intuitive aspects of these vibrational energies and frequencies to create
chakra healing mandalas that make visible your unique blueprint.