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This-abled Ability- No Sympathies Required!

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A physically challenged boy Anant who looks at his life with utmost satisfaction and hates to be sympathized, because he gets two life lines in his best friends Pinna and Liliput. Together with them his life becomes a joyride full of fun, laughter and memorable events until the storm of misfortune arrives. One of his friends commits suicide and the other gets paralysed. Left with no hope, he decides to do something unimaginable to earn justice for his friends. But how will he achieve the unachievable? Will he be able to fight the external world as well as his own disability?

Who is this book for?

For Every adult and teenager who has a liking for an interesting story in which he'll get to see every aspect of human life.
For those readers who love to accompany a specially abled boy's journey in becoming from disabled to extraordinarily abled!

Why are you writing it?

Being myself a victim of disability, I wanted to share what exactly a person with disability feels about the predicaments in his life. Through this story I want to show the different side of the coin of disability.
This emotional story will take you to a new definition of friendhip and how it can change everything one vouch for.