But She Failed In Love 1 years ago

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Falak lives in Bangalore. She works for Globacian solutions Pvt. Ltd. along with her shadow and a life time savior friend Milin Joseph. Falak belongs to Belgaum, Karnataka from where she pursued her elementary and higher education. She lost her dad in her early childhood. Her mother was sole surviving parent to her. She takes admission in a new school, where she comes across a guy namely Nitin. After few months, Falak falls for his love and both of them get into serious relationship. After their 12th examination, Falak went invisible. But Nitin kept on searching for her. One day Falak had to visit Hyderabad, so she thought of contacting Nitin and by grace of god she gets the reply. After finishing her office works, she visits Nitin's place. There she finds his wife and a son. His wife told he died few months back. This line shattered her dreams. After coming back to Bangalore gradually Falak was going in depression. She used to live an isolated life. A journey which never ended............

Siddharth Pandey

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