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A soft journey

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Gautam lands in silicon city Bangalore to earn a sumptuous job in a software company after his engineering is done. He is a Tamil background fellow and struggles to speak in English. Employers never wanted to work with a stupid and dump fellow like him. His friends mock and tease him very badly. Much to their surprise, Reshmi, a beautiful and glorious girl falls in love with Gautam. Reshmi wants to become a choreographer but her software job blocks her dream. Would Gautam grab a job in a software company despite his stuttering English? Would Reshmi become a choreographer and find her peace in dancing?

Who is this book for?

For all students who doesn't have faith to climb up the ladder of success, only because they are lagging in english. Also for readers who wants to have a perfect blend of novel based on inspiration, humor and romance.

Why are you writing it?

Because I have seen many students struggles to speak in English and they feels it is very difficult to find a software job. That’s the main inspiration to write this novel. I admire humor a lot and it will play a huge role in this narration of the story.