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A Glimpse into my Dreams

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This book is a collection of short stories written by underserved children between the ages of eleven to fifteen. Each of the stories is a different place and mood, displaying the variety we see each day through the lens of a group of talented young writers.

Who is this book for?

This book has something in it for every age group. For the young and young at heart, this book is a creative masterpiece with insightful, funny and gripping stories. The collection of stories covers different aspects of life, from the lens of some young thinkers. For all others, this is your opportunity to encourage these budding authors by reading the book, sharing your feedback and appreciating these young writers.

Why are you writing it?

Working with Parikrma, the BookBite team realized the potential in these children. These children showed exceptional talent in the field of writing and an interest in becoming published authors. The BookBite team took it upon themselves to make these dreams a reality. The team mentored students at Parikrma over a period of six months. This book is a product of the hard work and perseverence of these young authors and their mentors. A bigger output, was the bond that they formed during these six months and the memories that they created. Through this book we're turning their dreams into a reality.