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Chapter 27 and chapter 32

CHAPTER 27: THE AUCTION A huge guy pulled me through the halls, his hands rough against my skin. He pulled me in front of a door and knocked. I felt panic wash through me as I waited for whatever the hell was behind the door. My hands shook by my side as he looked at me, his eyes unmoving. “What’s in there?” I carefully asked. He glared at me, his eyes were stone cold. He said nothing. He seemed to be contemplating whether I was even worth answering. He finally spoke, "Just do as you're told. When you go in there, stand still, and when you're asked a question, answer it. Don't lie. This is probably the last time we will ever talk." He said gruffly. “Who’s in there?” I asked. He scoffed and gave me a look that said 'Do you think I'm going to answer that?' "You said it yourself. You will never speak to me again. I demand some answers." I refused to beg. He frowned his brows as he looked down on me, "Boss." "You do know, that I'm not a prostitute, I was kidnapped by Blake.” I was trying to get this man to feel something, anything. He looked away from me almost as if he couldn't look at me. All I wanted to do was cry. But I needed to be smart. I couldn't cry, men like him don't feel anything for crying girls. They were dead inside. "What's your name?" I asked suddenly. It was a stupid question, I know. Because why the fuck would it matter? But I guess I wanted to know because I wanted to know someone. Anyone. The guy didn’t answer me. Silas came out of the room and grabbed my hand, dragging me to the entrance. *Are they letting me go? God, please let that be the case…. Silas dragged me out of the building. *I’m out! “Get in the car.” He said. “What?” I asked. He roughly pushed me forward. I saw a white car. “Get in the car.” He said and pushed me again. I turned to face him. He grabbed my arm and opened the door. He pushed me into the car. “Where are you taking me?” I asked. He didn’t reply and sat in the car next to me. “Where are you taking me?” I repeated the question. “Shut up if you don’t want to get hurt.” He threatened. After that, I kept quiet during the whole drive. ~One hour later~ After an hour of driving, I felt someone leaning over me and taking the bag that was kept behind the seat. Silas sat there, not smiling, in the seat in front of me. Two-9-millimetre pistols were shoved into his jeans as it was the most casual thing in the world. I looked out of the tinted window. Even though it was a black glass, I was able to see everything just fine. When I turned my face after a while, my eyes spotted something. A tattoo on his neck. “вы ложь, и я правда” “vy lozh', I ya Pravda : (You’re a lie and I’m the truth).” I read softly, repeating the Russian words his tattoo read. His eyes darted towards me, "what did you just say?" I leaned back in my seat stiffly, "n-nothing." He leaned forward, "it was fucking something. What did you just say?" I shook my head, "it's just your t-tattoo." I motioned towards his neck. His hand went to his neck and he gently touched it. "It's in Russian. How did you know what it said?" I shook my head. *FUCKFUCKFUCK. Why can't I EVER just keep my goddamn mouth fucking shut? I opened my mouth, but no explanation came out. He sat forward and brought his face close to mine. "Have you understood everything that we have been saying? Do you speak Russian?" There was absolutely no way I could get out of this. "I..uh.." I couldn't find anything to say. "Ty govorish' na russkom yazyke? " *(Do you speak Russian?)* My lip quivered and I nodded. He cursed under his breath. "You're not a spy, right?" He asked, his eyes were deadly. I shook my head, "No no no, I swear." "If you're a spy I will fucking slit your throat right now. I'd be doing Brian a favour." I let out a silent sob and lowered my head. "Hey, hey." He grabbed my chin, and I felt his nails cut into my skin. "You tell no one, okay? Do you fucking hear me? They will kill you. If they find out, they'll think you're a spy, or someone sent to kill the boss." "W-why do you care?" I asked, and winced as I felt his nails dig further into my chin. "I don't." He muttered as he pushed me, and my head hit the window. " You won't tell anyone?" I asked quietly. "No. I won't." I swallowed down my tears, and I felt relief flooding through me. "Do you know the answer?" I asked, "To the riddle." "Of course I fucking do. It’s permanently tattooed on my goddamn neck" he shook his head, his eyes still closed "do you?” "I think it's life and death. Life is a beautiful lie that everyone lives and chooses to believe in, and death is the evil truth that people refuse to accept. Death is the only truth in this world, and people live believing in life to cope with the raw truth of death." I shrugged. I looked back to Silas to see his eyes open and staring at me. The second I looked at him, they closed, but the tips of his lips pointed ever so slightly up. This half-smile was enough for me. A few hours later the car fell to a stop, and the doors flung open. Silas looked at me, an understanding fell between us, a secret. “Remember, you’ll never be able to make it out o this so don’t even bother.” I heard Silas say as I exited the car. Huge men surrounded the car and I felt myself being pulled out. My heels hit the concrete and I felt myself stumble back. I fell to the ground as the guy took a step back. *That was rude. Yet again, what did I expect…. “Get up." He said and took a step back. My hands shook as I struggled to stand up. I was scared out of my fucking mind! As I was dragged into a room, I could see Brian and the other girls sitting in the room. But they weren’t the only ones there. There were at least 70 men in that room. All staring at me like a pack of wolves would stare at their prey. Their stares were so intense, they could punch holes in my body. CHAPTER 32: THE WORST IS YET TO COME "Daniel, did you find Harper? Is she okay? Are you alright?” She asked genuinely. * She wasn’t involved, was she? “No...I’m fine,” I said. "You're lying." She stated, accusingly. "No, I am not." I snapped angrily. "Now, if you don't mind, I have urgent work I need to attend to." I ended the call abruptly, feeling slightly guilty. I ran my hands through my hair and checked my watch which showed the time to be 15:30. I dragged myself down the stairs and sat inside the car, driving to the bar where I was going to meet William. I arrived at the bar in one hour. I felt my head spin as I thought about Harper. *I pray to God you're safe, baby. I thought desperately, downing a beer in one gulp before slamming the glass back onto the counter. "Easy there, stud," a deep voice called out as I turned to see William taking a seat beside me, holding a thick file. "William," I greeted as he eyed me cautiously. "Daniel, I'm worried about you. It's been years since we last spoke and then I get a phone call like this out of the blue -" " William, my girlfriend is missing." I interrupted stoically as he raised an eyebrow. "Girlfriend? Don't you have quite a collection of them, anyway?" "No." I sighed as I signalled for the bartender to pour me another drink. "Another beer, Sir?" He asked politely as I shook my head. "Something stronger," I muttered. "He'll have nothing, kiddo." William interrupted as the bartender shrugged. "What the hell is your problem?" I snapped, glaring at him. "Your girl is out there - missing - and you're more concentrated on getting yourself drunk?" He scolded as I rubbed at my temples which were throbbing painfully. "What did you find?" I questioned as William shuffled uneasily in his chair. "There's a table out back that's quieter, come on." He said quietly as I followed him outside, unable to shake off that uneasy feeling. "What the hell is going on William? What did you find?" I asked impatiently as he turned to look at me. "I got Alex to run a background check on the person whose name you gave me.” I just nodded, wanting to know what the link was between Harper and the person. "Daniel, she was last seen with Silas O’ Hallowell, he works for this Brian. Silas himself was once counted in the most dangerous contract killers in the UK. He was known as ‘The Fox’ when he was in that contract killing business. He had gone to prison for more than 15 times." I froze, feeling my body go numb. "William, if this guy has her..." I trailed off, desperately trying to discard the terrible images forming in my godforsaken mind. "I've got some guys I know working on Silas’s' current location. You still know Grayson Adams and Jeffery Watson from the P.D?" He asked as I nodded. "Once we've established his whereabouts, the guys will be ready to jump him and bring him in for questioning." "How long will this take?" I asked, my voice hoarse. "My guys will have a proper location within the next two hours." He said before resting a hand on my shoulder. "Son, it's important for you to keep yourself intact and to not lose your senses. You don't want Harper coming back to see you like this." "I never told you who my girlfriend was," I frowned as he gave me a knowing look. "You didn't have to. I can see it written all over your face." He told me as he stood up to leave. "I'll have the report dropped off to you in a couple of hours." "Thanks for your help, William," I said sincerely as he shook his head. "You're family, son." He smiled faintly before leaving. I drove around the city aimlessly, unable to even think straight. It was physically and mentally hurting me that I had no idea how she was. It was a type of unexplainable pain I had never felt before, a pain for which no amount of words could ever describe. My phone blasted to life as I quickly took it out of my pocket, not even bothering to check the caller I.D. "Hello?" I answered. "Daniel." William's voice answered wearily as my body went rigid. "What is it?" "Daniel, we know who Silas is working for and it is not Brian." He said quietly as I slammed my fists onto the steering wheel. "Who, goddammit?" "Daniel, Harper is going to suffer in ways unimaginable if you don't get to her first!" He snapped as I became even angrier. "Who the fuck is it?!" ~~ I was going to find Harper, one way or another. And I was going to find Harper before he did. My phone blared on the seat next to me. “What is it, Landon?” I said in a cold voice. “Daniel, I have fixed a meeting with the guy who can help us get Harper back. Come to the HM Prison Sudbury.” He said. I frowned. He hung up the call as I took a U-turn. Harper’s pov A guy choked me from behind. “Shoot him!” I commanded Salyna the horror and hesitation on her face screamed that she won’t be able to do that. The guy pulled me into Brian’s room. Elynor pointed the gun at the guy, her hands shivering. If she shot, she’ll definitely miss him and would most probably kill me. “Daisy, shoot!” I commanded. To my surprise, Daisy shot the guy, twice in both legs, causing him to drop to the floor. “You wh*re!!” he screamed. Then with a quick motion, she pointed the gun towards Brian who was already pointing a gun to my head and the other at her. Her eyes widened. “I tell you what, you drop that gun and I’ll let you run. I’ll let you all go. But in one condition. She’s gonna stay here.” He said. “Shoot Daisy!! Pull the goddamn trigger, damnit!!” I yelled. “Shut up or I’ll kill you!!!” Brian yelled as he shot me in the knee. I screamed in pain as I dropped to the floor. Grabbing my knee, I cried. Brian took this opportunity to shoot me in the knees twice. I screamed on top of my lungs. I felt like I would definitely die. Brian kicked me. I saw tears rolling down Daisy’s cheeks as I hear a gunshot tear through the air. “Shit!” I heard someone swear. I agree… Then I blacked out.