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Walk with Me In this life we fall in love many times, but most of us have one special person who stays in our lives for years, we enjoy various relations with this person, we fall in love, at some point of time they have been our best friend, at some point of our lives we get crazy and psycho with them or for them. Each of our stories would be different based on culture, time and place but the emotions which we felt are the same. Some lucky ones do get married to the same person and spend their life with them. So, here is the story of my wedding. The story starts in the mandap where Manorath Shrivastava (Mano) is getting married, as he starts walking with his with his sweetheart for each Phera, he remembers how he first fell in love seven years back. As the Phere continues in present, so does the sweet story of Mano and his sweetheart Avi right from the time they first met then being very close friends to the time when Mano finally planned to propose Avi in a most romantic way but time was not with him at that time. The story goes on to minutely cover each human emotion in a relationship from liking and flirting with each other, understanding, love, romance, care to expectations, fights, misunderstandings, spying, being jealous but still missing each other. In parallel, it also covers the importance and significance of Hindu Wedding explaining in the detail the vows of each walk across the holy fire, the significance of promises made during kanyadaan, the minute beauty of a bride in shola-shringar. The story also revolves around Mano’s childhood school friends Raj, Zafer & Priya each having their own charters and way of thinking, playing a pivotal role in Mano’s life. Mano had thought that his wedding will be the perfect one with a lot of happiness, love, and joy, but as the story reaches in the latter half, a lot of twists unravel both in present during the phere as well as well in the later stage of Mano's life. Will his marriage complete, will he be abl

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